“It feels like being perched in a scene of the Arabian Nights”, Stone Town, Zanzibar 2016

image” If only I could stop the time. Hold it for a while. Keep it and then release like I do when practicing meditation. How beautiful and powerful is to take that time for ourselves, slowing it down and observe it. Observe what your mind is thinking, where it takes you to.

Stone Town in Zanzibar has a similar effect on me despite I have been here many times.

Every time it is like the first time.

I inhale the breeze and follow the flow. I breathe at the rhythm of the town. Wandering through the labyrinth of streets, mosques and houses, busy during the day and calm in early morning, I observe the daily life of locals through antique doors only open few centimeters. . I observe shadows stretching themselves as the sun set on the horizon. I read a book at the edge of the ocean observing the boats floating on it. I inhale the barbecue -scented breeze. I hunt down second-hand bookstores and antique shops.

Once at home, I settle in, lay down on my bed, open my book and listen the muezzin at the mosque calling upon the faithful to pray and the bells of the Cathedral.

As an article I read time ago said  ” It feels like being perched in a scene of the Arabian Nights”.

– Giorgio Faedo, Italy-

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